Power Yoga is a form of Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga, linking breath and movement in an active practice incorporating sun salutations, strong holds, inversions, arm-balances and core strengthening.  All levels of practitioners benefit from the challenging sequences and meditative aspect of the practice while the continuing practitioner witnesses a strengthening body and mind. Expect to sweat!

The Rocket is an uplifting 3-part series modifying traditional Ashtanga. The Rocket I, II & III are each challenging sequences involving fun/funky transitions with a focus on bandhas (bonds within your body), breath and drishti (gaze). The Rocket is all about modification, self-expression, moving towards your goals and calming the nervous system while strengthening the body and mind. Coined "The Rocket" because its techniques "get you there faster".

Power Back to Basics Allows any level yogi to take a step back and rebalance their personal practice. Moving at a slower pace, you can fully absorb each breath and dig deeper into the body. This class will be challenging for any level yogi and is deeply rooted with spirituality. Come ready to move with an open heart.

Rocket+Restore Jumpstart your practice with 45 minutes of invigorating , uplifting and strength building power vinyasa flow. THE ROCKET allows you to focus on the same series week to week giving you the tools to quickly progress through your power practice. This class will offer you an opportunity to learn how to arm balance, invert and modify your practice so that is suitable for any level yogi. RESTORE allows the body to recover, focusing on deep breath work and slow physical movement for the final 30 minutes of class. We will use props to assist in light twists, deep forward folds and gentle backbends for longer periods of time. 

Dharma is a style of Hatha-Raja Yoga developed by Sri Dharma Mittra from his many years of practicing myriad styles of yoga. Classes incorporate spirituality, chanting, as well as a challenging physical asana practice often including moon salutations, hip flexibility and back bends.  

Re-set&Restore  Start your evening tapping into your breath with a lightly heated vinyasa inspired warm up. This class will get your blood flowing and create a meditative focus before restoring your body with a series of holding postures that focus on breathable stretching. Designed to alleviate soreness and work the connective tissues in your body, you will leave restored, refreshed and completely Zen-ed out!

Power Tapas Flow Expect an intense vinyasa flow to warm up the body for the first 30min of class. The remainder of time will consist of skills and drills. Bring socks, and expect heavy use of props including blocks, straps and wall work to strengthen the body for arm balances and inversion practice. This class will strengthen muscles that we engage in our vinyasa practice but rarely get time to focus on. Let's get sweaty!

Power Yoga Sculpt This intense one hour class packs in weights, plyometrics, isometrics and cardio all into your yoga practice. A great addition to anyones yoga schedule it allows for a strong focus on alignment and precision within your movements. This class is a great way to balance out your body and gain inner as well as outer strength. Get ready to sweat to some groovy beats. 

Buti Yoga "Buti" is an Indian Marathi word that means "a cure that has been kept hidden or secret." This soulful blend of power yoga, tribal dance, and plyometrics utilizes the Spiral Structure Technique to sculpt and tone the deep abdominal muscles that stabilize the body. In addition to scorching a ton of calories each time you step on your mat, you have the opportunity to break through barriers that are holding you back from complete inner and outer transformation. Fall in love with your workout and thrive!

Power Candlelight Flow We use the light of soft dim candles to set the mood for a calm and relaxing flow. A wonderful end to anyones day, we will focus on a strength building flow that allows you to breathe with ease and build heat throughout the class. In addition to the candles we use a kick-ass playlist that builds with the flow and gets your body to move with a beat. A class sure to spark your inner fire, yet find your calm within the chaos, it is a special treat for any level yogi. Come, breathe, explore and let your shadow move in the candlelight.